"Astrofiliabologna" web app

The site was built with Python 3 and the Flask library, as well as other graphics and computational libraries (Numpy, PANDAS, Bokeh and Matplotlib). For the rendering of the site, we use Bootstrap 5.

It is hosted on an Amazon server: the computing power of these servers has never given us problems.

While mobile devices are becoming the easiest way to access the web in recent years, as we think a beautiful graphic is always a great thing, the site was designed to be viewed on a PC or tablet with a resolution greater than 1024px. However, the site is designed to be responsive and can be used on any device.

For any help or just to give us some tips you can contact us at the email address rambometeorgroup at gmail.com (replace the word at with the at sign @).

Who we are

In the photo on the left Lorenzo Barbieri, in the middle Gaetano Brando, on the right Paolo Fontana

Lorenzo Barbieri e Gaetano Brando